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June 25, 2016

Deadpool (2016)
Director: Tim Miller
Actors: Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin

deadpool-trailer-2-300x169.jpg (300×169)

Synopsis: Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a for-hire vigilante, contracts terminal cancer. Panicked, he inducts himself into a bizarre experiment to cure his illness – but which only succeeds in mutilating him (though with the side benefit of killing his cancer and mutating him into a man of quasi-superhero powers.) Wilson, now called ‘Deadpool’, hunts down the man who can possibly reverse his disfigurement while also attempting to reconnect with his old flame.

Review: I’m sure Deadpool will find many fans and advocates: flattered by its incessant meta-referential rhetoric and gurning desire to be “liked”, but I found that very incessancy far too smothering and – whisper it quietly – recipe for quite a boring film….

Deadpool wants to have its cake and eat it by mocking the conventions of its superhero genre, but really, it’s exemplar of another prototypical Marvel movie in terms of aesthetic and story – just with the annoying postmodern conceit tagged alongside. Its two key errors are an immediate assumption that breaking the fourth wall in itself denotes cleverness, and that when you have a witty idea, you’re best off flogging it for all its worth.

Yes, in a movie of such relentless ‘wit’, there are one or two hits in the hit/miss gag quotient (the early Wade/Vanessa courtship sequence was ingeniously written and edited – particularly a gallows cut away from them in seeming ‘coitus’ to reveal they’re just talking about “balls” in a bar pinball game!) That aside, watching Deadpool is actually quite a dull experience, and it attempts to justify in its jaunty, deconstructionist bent actually quite questionable employment of cancer and violence plot hooks.(June 2016)

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