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Layer Cake

March 11, 2015

Layer Cake (2004)
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Actors: Daniel Craig, Kenneth Cranham, Michael Gambon

LayerCake-Still3.jpg (310×203)

Synopsis: A drug dealer (Daniel Craig) who has successfully stayed under the radar of both the authorities and criminal fraternities, is dragged into a more compromised position when a drug sting by some of his loony associates in Holland brings unwanted attention from dangerous Serbian gangsters. Simultaneously, his boss calls him in on a job to track down the missing daughter of a fellow, much more volatile, kingpin.

Review: This is a rote, cinematographically shallow exhibition of sub-Guy Ritchie cinema by his partner-in-crime, Matthew Vaughn. Where at least Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch had some wit and lightness of touch, Layer Cake points the way to Ritchie’s broader, grandiose folly, Revolver. It is all inane gimmickery and superficial technique for little discernible dramatic effect. (March 2015)

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