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American Pie 2

August 27, 2014

American Pie 2 (2001)
Director: James B. Rogers
Actors: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas

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Synopsis: The four old pals from East Great Falls High School – fresh from their first year as undergraduates – head off to the lake for the summer, to earn some money, to get drunk and try it on with some chicks.

Review: Reviewing something like American Pie 2 is largely a redundant exercise, so I’ll keep it brief. That redundancy is because the movie exists almost exclusively as a cash cow – the profit margin on American Pie was so great and the fanbase so high, that churning another one out made perfect commercial logic.

Sadly, the limited charm and inadvertent cultural value of the first movie has been totally obscured by the haste of this second one. The filmmakers have essentially engineered the exact same formula (the lads are now a year into their college lives) except to rapidly diminishing effect. The plot angle feels more forced (a summer by the lake has less mythical pull than the build-up to a prom), the gross-out set pieces are lamer, and the character arcs are laboured. In fact, save for Jim and Stifler, the other friends – especially Oz and Kevin who are total dramatic non-entities by now – barely get a look in. (August 2014)

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