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Le Week-End

July 8, 2014

Le Week-End (2013)
Director: Roger Michell
Actors: Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum

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Synopsis: Nick and Meg Burrows (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan) are a sixty-something English couple having a weekend away in Paris. Various incidents in the City of Lights throw sharp focus on Nick and Meg’s somewhat fragile marriage and overall well-being….

Review: Like Michael Haneke’s Amor, Roger Michell and Hanif Kureishi’s very middlebrow theatrical conceit that is Le Week-End confuses a one-dimensionally depressing, borderline sadistic view of the mitigations that come with ageing with their actual reality (which is surely a lot more nuanced and inarguably less miserable!)

Le Week-End really is one of those works which have been written and script developed to death. Very little of it rings true, and the characters feel more like ciphers in service to the concerns of a writer than actual lived-in sixty-something people. I thought the dinner-table scene where Nick and Meg are somehow engineered into a situation where they are able to voice their cathartic views on life and marriage (solely to the aid of the film, not the reality of the on-screen scenario) was particularly phoney. I suppose the only element to the film I liked was the sentiment of its ending, where by finally letting things ‘slide’, Nick and Meg can finally set aside their pent-up grudges and anxieties to really throw themselves joyously into the spontaneity of their time in Paris. (July 2014)

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