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The World’s End

May 7, 2014

The World’s End (2013)
Director: Edgar Wright
Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine

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Synopsis: Five estranged school friends, all knocking forty years old, are re-united by maverick leader Gary King (Simon Pegg) in a mission to complete their mythical, unfinished hometown pub crawl some twenty years before….

Review: I’ve bypassed the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ thus far, and if I’m to be truthfully honest, perhaps I’ve always viewed it with a touch of cynicism, as Pegg’s mainstream genre larks seem to have met uncommonly universal critical and public adulation alike (surely everyone can’t be right?!)

Well, I may have came to scoff, but by the end of The World’s End I wound up a certified Wright/Pegg fan. It is quite simply a brilliantly inventive work, and easily one of the funniest films I’ve seen in years. Sure, one can question some elements to it (I personally would have omitted the film’s midway sci-fi/action about-turn, although it’s unquestionably wittily done – the film’s opening trajectory of ironic whimsy and nostalgia was more than good enough), but the film’s sheer relentless verve is impossible to deny.

What I particularly admire is Wright/Pegg’s great logistical planning, with barely a second going by without some clever moment of dialogue, visual reference or physical comedy (Pegg trying to sink his pints amid the massive dust-ups is hilarious). Also, on a personal level, having spent most of my adolescence in a Home Counties New Town (in my case, Bracknell), I appreciated Pegg’s witty riff on bringing an ‘epic’, apocalyptic genre pastiche to his fictional, dowdy new town of Newton Haven. (May 2014)

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