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Diamonds are Forever

March 29, 2013

Diamonds are Forever (1971)
Director: Guy Hamilton
Actors: Sean Connery, Charles Gray, Jill St John

Diamonds are Forever

Synopsis: James Bond (Sean Connery) investigates a diamond smuggling racket that leads all the way to Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles Gray) in Las Vegas. Just what Blofeld intends to do with the diamonds is another matter….

Review: It’s funny, but I always remembered Diamonds are Forever as one of the more silly, self-defeatingly ‘comic’ entrants to the Bond series. Having revisited the film however, I’d actually revise my previous opinion and place it in the higher echelons of the franchise. The narrative – Bond following the trail of a diamond-smuggling racket – is a nice contrast to the more seemingly ‘grand’ conspiracies of other Bond movies (although the story does eventually lead to Blofeld once again, and an extortionist plot). Connery, as usual, turns in a solid performance. For some reason, he seems to carry off the one-liners and relaxed attitude, much more convincingly here than Roger Moore ever did in his similarly light-hearted Bond efforts. (March 2013)

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