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Top 5 Films of 2010

January 16, 2011

In honour of Sight & Sound’s tradition of asking critics to nominate their 5 favourite films of the year just gone, I’ve done likewise. I must confess, 2010 wasn’t my best year for cinema-going, with a lot of my time spent catching up with older films on DVD. I’m also pretty sure that had I seen the likes of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Another Year and The Social Network, they would probably have made this list. Anyway, here they are in no particular order….

The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke)

White Ribbon

OK, technically this came out on the cusp of 2009/10 – but what a brillant film, with Haneke grafting a very subtle Nazi allegory onto an already gripping tale of things gone wrong in a small German village in 1913.

Fantastic Mr Fox (Wes Anderson)

Fantastic Mr Fox

Again, a film that ran from late 2009 to early 2010. Not Anderson’s best effort, and maybe he does Americanise this quintessentially British story a tad too much. But it’s full of everything you’ve got to love in an Anderson film: great design, choice soundtrack, and bucket loads of wit and sardonic humour.

The Unloved (Samantha Morton)

The Unloved

Screening first on Channel 4 before it got a theatrical release at the ICA in the Spring, The Unloved is an all-too rare thing – a British film with the look and style of a top European art film, but still staying true to British working-class subject matter.

Winter’s Bone (Debra Granik)

winter's bone

Maybe it featured an unusual setting and storyline, but Debra Granik’s American ‘indie’ was as classically thrilling and dramatic as anything that Hollywood churns out – and at a fraction of the cost.

Inception (Christopher Nolan)


Big ideas, big budget, big actors, big emotions, big entertainment. Perfect marriage of spectacle and intelligence.

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