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September 9, 2010

Stardust (2007)
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Actors: Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer

stardust-2-flv-thumb5.jpg (240×160)

Synopsis: A young man (Charlie Cox) ventures into a fantasy land to procure a falling star for his beloved.

Review: There’s nothing especially original about this fantasy movie pastiche, although it’s hard to begrudge the pantomime pleasures in Stardust’s glitzy execution. Director Matthew Vaughn, in conjunction with screenwriter Jane Goldman, seems to have cherrypicked the story’s mythology from a series of sources and filmic influences (I detected Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring series and Wolfgang Petersen’s The NeverEnding Story, to name a few), and the subsequent faux mythicism is probably the film’s weakest element as it lacks a basic cogency, and when Claire Danes’ starry heroine uses her luminous powers to dispense with the witch at the climax, one wonders why she hadn’t used that much earlier to rid herself of all her other foes. Nitpicking aside, the CGI work on the film (usually an aspect I detest) is actually well done and suits the fantastical subject matter well, and the sly vein of humour that runs throughout – including humorous sight gags about a treacherous gaggle of princes – is nicely conveyed. (March 2010)

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