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Ruby Blue

September 7, 2010

Ruby Blue (2007)
Director: Jan Dunn
Actors: Bob Hoskins, Josiane Balasko, Jody Latham

rubyblue370.jpg (370×156)

Synopsis: In a provincial Kent community, a local man (Bob Hoskins) becomes chief culprit when a little girl goes missing.

Review: Though admirable that the film got made in the first place, there’s unfortunately nothing else to commend this embarrassingly amateurish and hackneyed low-budget British feature film. The scope of the narrative is ridiculously broad, and even a seasoned filmmaker would struggle to make sense of its numerous themes, subplots and revelations, let alone a film novice. Squeezing so much in gives the film a distinctly patchy feel – director Jan Dunn is patently out of control of the material by the last half-hour, so all the soap opera-esque denouements – (spoiler alert) the witch hunt against Hoskins’ character reaching fever pitch, the disappearance of the little girl being resolved, and Josiane Balasko’s French temptress being revealed as a man – occur arbitrarily and farcically. With such crass taste in dialogue and accompanying music, plus the totally clichéd use of setting (huge overuse of picturesque flying bird and coastline shots), there’s little sense of a talented filmmaker in the offing. (February 2009)

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