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The Fugitive

August 30, 2010

The Fugitive (1993)
Director: Andrew Davis
Actors: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeroen Krabbé

richard-kimble-300x147.jpg (300×147)

Synopsis: Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is framed for his wife’s murder, but after escaping capture, he sets about proving his innocence.

ReviewThe Fugitive is a hugely enjoyable and compelling thriller, with an appropriately functional attitude to the conveyance of its story. The film’s opening sets this efficient tone perfectly – by the end of the credits sequence, a dense montage has already revealed the whole backstory regarding the murder of Richard Kimble’s wife and his subsequent conviction for that crime, and prepared us for the main core of the movie which will deal with Kimble’s escape from custody and period spent as a fugitive.

Two further aspects elevate this film from its seeming TV-serial/B-movie trappings. First, the two leads – Harrison Ford as the fugitive and Tommy Lee Jones as the US Marshal chasing him – are excellent. There’s no character-actor grandstanding from either of them, instead they offer brusque and eminently believable performances which are totally subservient to the plot and action at the centre of the film. Second, the subplot of Kimble trying to solve his wife’s murder while evading capture, is nicely developed from a dramaturgical perspective. The audience knows only as much as Kimble does, so the revelations as they start to occur, have a genuine sense of intrigue and surprise. Even if the movie does lurch into a hyperbolic punch-up by the very end, it acts as suitable epilogue to a near-perfect popcorn cinema experience. (October 2006)

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