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Inland Empire

August 30, 2010

Inland Empire (2006)
Director: David Lynch
Actors: Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Jeremy Irons

Synopsis: The dream/nightmare life of a Hollywood actress (Laura Dern).

ReviewInland Empire finds David Lynch at his most impenetrable, dispensing almost entirely with narrative for a three hour surrealist opus that is at times frustratingly opaque and indulgent, yet equally alluringly hypnotic and mesmeric. Though there are similarities to his Mulholland Drive with the uncanny satire on all things Hollywood, Inland Empire attests more to Lynch’s underrated ability as a master of horror. Lynch understands that most primal fears are in our unconscious, so he privileges the sentiment of dreams, and dresses that up in unforgettable cinemascapes of virtuoso photography and sound design. Even if the viewer is asked to take something of a leap of faith to piece all these elements together into a coherent whole, the film still proves comfortably more interesting than at least ninety-five percent of conventional narrative cinema. (January 2010)

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