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Everyone Says I Love You

August 25, 2010

Everyone Says I Love You (1996)
Director: Woody Allen
Actors: Woody Allen, Natasha Lyonne, Goldie Hawn

wa-goldiehawn.jpg (320×129)

Synopsis: The lives and loves of a group of New Yorkers, all to music….

Review: A lovely little gem from Woody Allen: he has taken his typical ‘story’ – replete with all its familiar themes and concerns – and jazzed it up (quite literally) by making it into a musical. What would initially seem to be an unlikely proposition – or at best an outright satiric one – actually turns out to be a very organic and appealing experience, and one that proves very compatible to Allen’s core style. Crucially, Allen is appropriately respectful to the conventions of the musical: the seguing into song is not uncomfortable nor played for laughs, and the choreography is elaborate and detailed, adding much to the energy of the film.

Equally, Allen proves able to reclaim the genre’s elements for his own ends. Each character gets to sing – irrespective of the professional strength of their voices – and all their regulation neuroses (be it happiness, sadness or anxiety) are conveyed as much through that song as through other dramatic means. Although hardly covering new ground with the narrative content of the film, just with the little, but significant, addition of a musical element, Allen is able to breathe new life into his regulation world and create another agreeable compendium to his already prodigious catalogue of hits. (August 2008)

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